How it works

Get started offering your music on Tracks & Fields. It is very easy to open your repertoire to licensing in advertising, film and interactive.

1. Create an account

If you are an artist, band, label or publisher i.e you want your music to be licensed, just choose “I offer music” in the registration dialogue. Choose a nickname and password. After following the activation link in the confirmation e-mail you are ready to start!

“create Account” page

2. Tell us which licensing deals interest you

By filling out your account data you give us valuable information on what kind of licensing deals you are interested in. Just go to YOU ➡ ACCOUNT

“Your Account” page

3. Stay informed of licensing deals

We will send notifications if there are requests that might interest you on the platform. You can also check the current requests in the REQUEST section or on YOU ➡ DASHBOARD.

“Your Dashboard” page

4. Submit to requests

If you have the right music for a current request and are fine with the licensing parameters you can submit your music to it very easily. Just click on the respective request and then on the SUBMIT TRACKS menu on the left. You can either submit tracks you have already uploaded to your personal webspace on Tracks & Fields or directly upload a new track to be submitted. When you upload tracks, please fill all relevant information as it facilitates the licensing process once your track has been chosen. The same applies to your contact information which is part of the data in the ACCOUNT section.

“Submit Tracks to Request X” page

5. License your track

You will be informed via message/email if your track has been chosen for licensing. If there is still some information for the contract missing you will be asked to provide it as soon as possible. The digital contract will be sent also by email shortly after we collected all information from you and the licensee. We will give you detailed information what to do and where to send the contract.