Key benefits

Music Licensing for Advertising, Film & TV and Games

Tracks & Fields is one of the leading music supervision companies in the world and probably the first that built its own technology to handle the entire creative music process.

We receive music requests from clients on a daily basis. Most of them will be sent out through our daily briefing mailout.

Working with us is non-exclusive and we actively pitch and curate music from our network of music rights holders.

Submit Music to Current Projects

We built the industry’s first web based music pitching solution to collect music for virtually every briefing, which makes it very straightforward and easy to respond to.

Briefings come from brand clients, film directors, production companies or ad agencies. Our team is actively consulting them on the type of music they need and how it can be best briefed to you to make every request a success.

Production & Additional Projects

We offer several additional services for music-for-moving-images, one of the main ones being production work. Next time we reach out with an approval request, make sure to let one of our team members know what kind of additional collaborations you would be suitable for.