How it works

Get started on Tracks & Fields. It is very easy to let us find the best music for your projects in advertising, film and interactive. All according to your music briefing, time constraints and budget.

1. Create an account

As an advertising agency, film producer, trailer company, games developer or any other person needing music for advertising, film or interactive you just choose "I need music" in the registration dialogue. Choose a nickname and password. After following the activation link in the confirmation e-mail you are ready to start!

“create Account” page

2. Create a request

Creating a request is a very quick and convenient process. You can start a request by clicking in the left menu on YOU ➡ Dashboard or in the REQUEST section.

“Your Dashboard” page

In a simple three–step process you can give the network it needs to find the right music for you. You can preview the request and then publish it to get started.

“create Request” page

3. Review and select track

After publishing the request, artists will submit music. You can check all submissions via your dashboard or in the Request section by clicking on the relevant request. Submissions are displayed with a graphical waveform and can easily be reviewed. To facilitate the selection process, the best submissions can be shortlisted. You do not need to deal with sending huge amounts of audio data anymore — instead, a secret link (only known to you and not searchable through search engines) is created to easily share the lists with your client or colleagues.

“Submission to Request X” page

4. License

To select a Track for licensing, click below the relevant track in the submission list and hit the CONTINUE button. We will take care of everything related to contracts. You just provide the missing information for the contract (addresses, special terms etc.) and we will send you the draft for review. If everything is fine, we will have the licensor send the licensing contract. Our service commission is always part of your stated budget in the briefing. And that’s it! You are ready to use the track in your project.