How do I get music?

To obtain music through Tracks & Fields, you post a request with a briefing.
Within hours, artists worldwide will submit their music that correspond to your needs, your budget and your project.
This means you might get music that has been released before, music that has just been produced this week or a piece that has been specifically composed for your project.
To start a briefing, go here or get in touch.

How fast is it?

Requests can be as short as under 24 hours, although more time leads to a larger variety of submissions. Legal documents usually don’t take more than a further day.

How much does it cost?

Posting a request on Tracks & Fields is free. Fees only incur when you have found the right track for your project and license it. Tracks & Fields will take a percentage of your budget, depending what kind of services we provide around your music search. The fee will be deducted from your initial budget, so there won’t be any additional costs afterwards.
Tracks & Fields does not set a price for licenses as we believe in the concept of a marketplace. Naturally, the more you can offer, the better your submissions will be. A band that has spent $2000 to record their track won’t give it away for your national ad–campaign for a few hundred dollars.
If you are unsure about what kind of a budget you should offer, please get in touch with us for a free consultation.

Is it library/stock music?

No, we are not a library. There are two main reasons why we believe our approach works better for your projects:

1. It is more flexible

Libraries offer you music that has been released in the last years or decades, that sits in their system and that can be bought for a fixed price.
We provide existing music, music that might have been produced last night or music that will be produced tomorrow for your briefing. We have an open pricing system where you can state your budget and get music offered accordingly.

2. You get better music

Libraries have been a good way to find music that is “good enough” for background use. However, most artists want to decide who they license their music to — they want creative control.
At Tracks & Fields, the artists can see a basic description of your project and decide if they want to license their music to your project or not. While it is not necessary to give brand or agency names; project types, product category and/or project description is important for artists. This gives you “real” music from the greatest artists out there.

How can I be sure I get all the rights I need?

The network that submits to your briefing are premium members only. This means your briefings are only available to serious and professional artists, producers, labels, and publishers. The person who is submitting the track either has all necessary rights or will get clearance from the respective parties.
In addition, Tracks & Fields has a legal team that can clear all rights for you and arrange the paperwork. In this process we use technology and manual research that identifies all rights holders of a track, so we make sure you have all licenses you need and from the right people.