What music do you specialize in?

We are specialized in all popular and classical music genres with an international appeal. Many of our clients come to us for songs by upcoming or popular artists, many of whom are also part of our media composer pool for custom productions.

What labels/publishers do you work with?

We pitch and clear songs from all major labels and publishers and almost all independent rights holders that are relevant for synch licensing.

Do you have in-house composers for custom productions? Where are your composers from?

We do not have any in-house composers but carefully select the best freelance talent based on the requirements of each job. We believe in working with artists that are specialized in their sound and then match them to your briefings.

Our composers are mainly based in the UK, USA, Germany, Scandinavia, Netherlands, France and Japan, but generally we work with talent from all over the world.

What languages can we brief you in?

You can currently brief us in English, German, Japanese and Mandarin.

How fast can you pitch music?

We can put together a playlist in a few hours, but for a full music research we recommend 3 days.

How fast can you produce music?

Ideally allow one week- but if you don’t have a week, we will find a solution.

How fast can you clear a song?

Most tracks can be cleared within a few hours or a maximum of 1-2- days.

How fast can you clear a famous song?

We will be able to give you a ballpark quote within a day. Depending on the amount of rights holders and relationships between them, getting approval for the usage can take between 3 and 14 days. Very rare and difficult cases can take even longer.

Do you have a rate card?

Licensing fees are determined and negotiated based on the scope of your usage.

When do you charge?

For licensed music we charge you when the license is confirmed.
For produced music we charge you once you green light the demo production.