Who we are


  • Portrait of Christian Mix- Linzer

    Christian Mix- Linzer

    Christian started his first record label at the age of sixteen, shortly followed by his second label, Trans Solar Records. Having also worked in the film industry as an assistant editor for music videos and feature films, he worked alongside Patricia Rommel, who edited both recent OSCAR winners from Germany. He has also worked as 2nd assistant director for various TV movies.

  • Portrait of Steve Bartlik

    Steve Bartlik

    Steve started making music at the age of thirteen in the times of AMIGA and Atari. Four years later, as part of a small group of friends he started organising events for electronic music, which was one of the first of its kind. After gaining experience in the financing industry, as part time CFO/COO and Marketing Controller he finally returned to the music biz.

  • Portrait of Marc Tanzmann

    Marc Tanzmann

    VP Music Supervision/ Europe
    Marc is a passionate DJ. He hosted the weekly radio show "4 to the floor" presenting House and Techno music.

  • Portrait of Emika Kusunoki

    Emika Kusunoki

    Music Supervisor
    Emika started in the radio industry in Tokyo, spending 10 years producing multiple radio shows. She has many experiences in music including a successful negotiation with Sir Paul McCartney himself for him to appear via phone on a show she produced.

  • Portrait of Donata Stosyk Kornatowicz

    Donata Stosyk Kornatowicz

    Head of Operations & Music Supervisor - Poland
    Donata grew up playing piano, whilst listening to nothing but hard rock, which put her on the path to becoming a punk rock singer. She continued her lifelong passion for music by working as a producer at Sound Studios in Warsaw, which is where she grew to adore music and its importance in advertising. She loves out of the box thinking, has an eclectic taste and a great creative approach to music solutions.

  • Portrait of Ian Nagano

    Ian Nagano

    Associate Music Supervisor | Music Producer
    Ian, born and raised in Tokyo, grew up listening to all kinds of music through his father and brother. After learning to play drums at 12, he was constantly surrounded by music. From a young age he knew that he definitely wanted a job involving music, so he decided to pursue his dream as a music supervisor.

  • Portrait of Yujing Zhu

    Yujing Zhu

    Music Project Manager
    An eclectic, well rounded musician with a record of numerous performances in professional orchestras as a competent violinist. Since 2020 she started spreading focus towards electronic music that guides the audience on an aural delight journey.

  • Portrait of Weronika Tauroginska

    Weronika Tauroginska

    Music Researcher
    Always driven by a love of music, Weronika started her career in music publishing in London. She recently moved to Berlin to jump on a wagon of an ever-growing and exciting community and further pursue her dream profession. At T&Fs she can now combine her obsession with music, film, tech, and everything media-related to help shape the story-telling of campaigns around the world.

  • Portrait of Hector Picard

    Hector Picard

    Music Researcher
    Born and raised in Paris, he studied music industry in Dublin and came back to his birthplace to work in sync for different publishers/labels. Music supervision and Berlin always interested him so he jumped on the opportunity to join Tracks & Fields.

  • Portrait of Hugo Rodrigues

    Hugo Rodrigues

    Music Researcher
    Hugo grew up in France and it was during his business studies that he developed his passion for music. Surrounded by multiple musicians, he started playing guitar on his Stratocaster. Then his obsession with vinyl opened him up to a new thirst for musical discoveries, which is what has led him to the German Capital.

  • Portrait of Aron Sofalvi

    Aron Sofalvi

    Business Affairs
    Aron was born in Budapest, and studied English literature and philosophy. He plunged deeper into music with a couple of high school classmates playing for fun at some house parties. In 2019 he decided to move to Berlin to enjoy the versatile music and culture scene.

  • Portrait of Christoph Guettel, LL.M.

    Christoph Guettel, LL.M.

    Legal Advisor
    Whenever legal advice is needed, Christoph is at hand. He previously worked as associate at Zirngibl Langwieser Law Firm and was articled clerk at UFA Film & TV Produktion and Bange & Wasert Law Firm.