Who we are


  • Portrait of Christian Mix- Linzer

    Christian Mix- Linzer

    Christian started his first record label in the age of sixteen. Quickly thereafter he founded his second label, Trans Solar Records. He also worked in the film industry as assistant editor in music videos and feature films besides Patricia Rommel, who edited both recent OSCAR winners from Germany. He also worked as 2nd assistant director for various TV movies.

  • Portrait of Steve Bartlik

    Steve Bartlik

    Steve started making music at the age of thirteen in the times of AMIGA and Atari. Four years later, as part of a small group of friends he started organizing an event series for electronic music, which was one of the first of its kind. After gaining experience in the financing industry, as part time CFO/COO and Marketing Controller he finally returned to the music biz.

  • Portrait of Marc Tanzmann

    Marc Tanzmann

    Head of Music / Music Supervisor
    Marc is a passionate DJ. He hosted the weekly radio show "4 to the floor" presenting House and Techno music.

  • Portrait of Valeria Venturelli

    Valeria Venturelli

    Associate Music Licensing Film & TV
    Right after completing her studies in film critique, Valeria started working for film festivals and film distribution companies. She is a keen music listener and she is aware of how much value the right soundtrack can add to a movie, that is why at Tracks and Fields she strives for finding the best music for Films & TV.

  • Portrait of Jerry Wang

    Jerry Wang

    Associate Music Consulting
    Jerry started his lifelong music journey by learning to play drums at the age of ten. As a musician who is currently active in the Blues scenes in Berlin, his musical qualities are derived from a large number of listening to songs. He regards music as a guide for life and aims to be a trustworthy guide in music supervision field.

  • Portrait of Hattie Long

    Hattie Long

    Music Researcher
    Having grown up singing in choirs and dancing to S Club 7 at school discos, UK native Hattie’s music taste was always diverse. Nowadays you’re more likely to find her in the mosh pit or on the hunt for the perfect sync track.

  • Portrait of Olga Radygina

    Olga Radygina

    Music Scout
    Moscow born and raised, Olga started playing the piano at the age of 6, then proceeding with electric guitar as her taste grew from classical music to punk. This overarching love for music took her to Berlin to study music business, and working in music supervision is a dream come true for a cinemaholic that she is.

  • Portrait of Robert Neuner

    Robert Neuner

    Lead App Developer
    You like our multi uploader or the new direct submission pop-up? This is all Robert's work. He is our main pillar in the development of the platform - from major changes to these nice little things that make working with it easier and easier.

  • Portrait of Christoph Guettel, LL.M.

    Christoph Guettel, LL.M.

    Legal Advisor
    Whenever legal advice is needed, Christoph is at hand. He previously worked as associate at Zirngibl Langwieser Lawfirm and was articled clerk at UFA Film & TV Produktion and Bange & Wasert Law Firm.