Key benefits

Curated Songs for your Projects

Our team of award winning music creatives curate a regularly updated collection of playlists and songs from leading independent labels, publishers, artists and composers ready to be licensed.

We provide quotes and clear tracks within 24 hours. For most of them we can get instrumentals and/or stems and are able to provide edits.

Free Music Pitches

We created the industry’s first web based music pitching solution to collect high quality music for virtually every briefing. Our network allows us to pitch tracks from 98% of global music rights holders, ranging from unsigned artists to majors and independents.

Turnaround is extremely quick - our team can put playlists together in a few hours or collect submissions from rights holders within 1-3 days.

Production & Project Management

We music supervise entire projects, from budgeting, music strategy, research to either licensing or production, as well as contract negotiation and management.

Most of the tracks we pitch can also be adapted to your needs. In addition, our artists can create completely new productions. In fact, we have won awards at creative festivals in best music production categories for four years in a row!