Key benefits

Tracks & Fields is a music licensing platform for advertising, film, TV and interactive.
We are not a music library. We believe in bringing you the best music repertoire according to your briefing and budget in real time.
Getting the best music within your budget and deadline starts with a simple request. It only takes you a few minutes.
Our decades of experience in the music and licensing business allows us to be sure we can source the finest music for your projects, and to utilise a quick and reliable rights clearance process.

The most flexible approach to synch licensing.

Every project is different. At Tracks & Fields, you set your own music budget and your own terms. The members of our network will then react to your request. Some are looking for certain budgets, while some are attracted to the coolest projects.
This way you will get the best possible music for your project according to your music references, style, mood, budget and license terms. You decide how broad or how precise your briefing is and in the end, you decide which Track fits best to your project.

Our network is fast.

You need music within a few days or the next 24 hours? Our network can do that. As we have members across the globe, our network quickly finds repertoire that fits your needs, no matter how specific they are. By uploading music to your request, artists already signal that they are fine with the terms, so clearing and contracts are usually completed within 24–48 hours.
With our approach you get the music and the rights when you need it.

A variety of music only for your project.

Your client or the director changed his mind in a second meeting? No problem. We usually collect a sufficient number of submissions on each of your requests that looking for something more “edgy” or “funky,” so it’s only a matter of picking different submissions from the list already at hand.

We can take care of clearing, edits and money handling.

We are your one–stop destination for the whole licensing process. Our assistance does not end once you found the right track, unless you decide otherwise. We provide simple and fair licensing contracts that make sure that you get exactly the rights you need from everyone holding rights to the music. We can coordinate necessary edits, make sure you receive the right file format and even handle license payments splits.

You get music from “real” and A–class artists.

Our members make music to move their audiences. They make music for their fans, the stage or the club. They want to keep creative control and license only to the projects that they can identify with. This is what gives the music the excellence and uniqueness that you won’t find in a generic music library.

The freshest music available.

Our real–time matching approach gives you the opportunity to get released, unreleased and bespoke/ tailor made music. The artists that form our network can get their music into our system and to your ears in a matter of minutes. This means you can get access to music that has just been produced last night or is even specifically made to your briefing.

If you don’t find the right music, you don’t pay.

We are convinced that we give you the best music according to your needs. This is why you only pay your budget if you are satisfied and license the music. Your budget always covers the music license and our fees.

It’s fast, simple and hassle–free.

Getting started doesn’t take more than a few minutes: You can either go here to create a request, fill in this request form, or just give us a call and tell us what you are looking for.

We care about privacy.

You don’t want to use your brand or the brand of your client when you look for music? No problem. As most projects demand confidentiality, our system was built to work with just a simple description of the project. The actual company is not revealed to the artist until a license offer for one of the submitted Tracks is made.