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Origin of Genres: Do The Reggay

August 26, 2021

reggae artist on stage

In 1968 The Maytals released the song “Do The Reggay” and it became the first popular song to use the term reggae. It helped define the emerging genre by naming it.

Reggae originated in the Caribbean island of Jamaica in the 60s and is now considered culturally synonymous with Jamaica and its diaspora.

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VW Gives Complete Creative Freedom to Music Artists Yugen Blakrok, Chris James & GHEIST for #featuringtaigo Campaign

January 17, 2022

Volkswagen’s New Approach to Creative Freedom


What happens when you take a successful product campaign, add the individuality of a talented artist, and mix it with unlimited creative freedom? The VW Taigo films show the answer! 

This week we celebrate a release of such an approach with the new Volkswagen Taigo campaign, which our team had the pleasure to work on in recent months. 

Rather than creating a new TVC for the model, VW decided to collaborate with three exciting artists from the genres of hip hop, electronic music, and indie-pop. In the very unique approach, the artists were given complete freedom to create a high-quality music video for one of their upcoming songs. Naturally, the music videos were featuring the model in an authentic way.

Our team had helped the ad agency find the right artists for this project. After long hours of searching, you can now watch the preview of the results below or follow the #featuringtaigo on social media. By clicking on the gif image you can watch the full video on YouTube.


Yugen Blakrok, a talented South African rapper came to Tracks & Fields’ attention after listening to the “Return of the Astro-Goth” album for which she teamed up with a known Sampletologist – Kanif the Jhatmaster.

Our team quickly fell in love with her musical style – strongly influenced by spiritual aspects of Hip Hop, often accompanied by elements of Jazz and Rock and future-oriented lyrics.

Yugen has already been been nominated at the SA Hip Hop awards for the best lyricist, best newcomer and best female categories.

Followed by her successful collabs such as an appearance on Kendrick Lamar’s curated soundtrack to Marvel’s “Black Panther” and multiple publications with Billboard, RollingStone and Vulture she’s now taking off on the global scene with the new Volkswagen Taigo campaign.


The German-American artist who has started making noise for himself after being a featured songwriter on BTS’ #1 Billboard hit “Life Goes On” (+900 million streams / views). Ever since his own career also started growing.

Chris came to our attention last year, thanks to his catchy and melodic musical style. The mesmerising pop ballad “The Fallout” as well as the energetic indie-disco tune “4AM Magic” that were followed by “The Fear of Missing Out Album” quickly got our and the Agency’s team’s likes which lead to this partnership. 

We like that Chris writes and produces all the songs himself and can’t wait to see what he will come up with next.


Berlin based trio GHEIST, crafters of powerful electronic music have created their own melodic sounds by fusing progressive house and techno textures.

Thanks to plays in a number of clubs and festivals and their their first gig at Solomun + Live at Destino Ibiza in 2019 the group have built a reputation which helped to kick off their music career. 

We are looking forward to seeing them gain even more success in 2022.

As always we’re extremely happy for the opportunity to work on such a great and unique project!