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Ad Digger 26 8 2016

Ad Digger – 26.8.2016

  This week’s pick of the best sync licensed songs has a common theme of youth and desire, with great music from Edith Piaf and James Ray and adverts from HSBC, Dove and Flora.

Ad digger 22 7 2016

Ad Digger – 22.7.2016

  In this week’s pick of the best synchronized music in advertising, music plays a powerful role in diversity for YouTube, it makes dreams come true for Heathrow Airport and it brings home the...

Ad Digger 8 7 2016

Ad Digger – 8.7.2016

  This week’s pick of the best synch licensed music in advertising gets a hint of movie magic, with new animated film spots from Chipotle and GoPro, and some super-hero powers from Nike.

Ad Digger – 24.6.2016

  This week’s pick of the best music in advertising is bursting with great synch licensed tracks in new adverts from Gatorade, Coca-Cola and Smart Energy.  

Actors who sing and compose music

16 Actors Who Sing and Compose Music

Actor Jason Schwartzman credit: wikipedia   There are many singers who have made cameos in film and TV, but did not make the move to becoming full-time actors, preferring to stay in the comfort...

Ad digger 10 6 2016

Ad Digger – 10.6.2016

  This week’s pick of the best music in advertising features toe-tapping new adverts from the likes of Amazon, IKEA Italy and Audi.    

Ad Digger 27 5 2016

Ad Digger – 27.5.2016

  Music brings out the coolness of brands in this week’s ad digger, which sees car manufacturer Volkswagen gain some street credit with teenagers, Audi develops their own 3D song, and Marks & Spencer...


Four Questions for… Bosley

  At Tracks & Fields we like to showcase the talent and inspiration of the artists behind our sync licenses, through their own words. For this edition of ‘Four Questions for’ we interviewed Baltimore-native...

Ad Digger 4 3 2016

Ad Digger – 4.3.2016

  This week in our pick of the best synchronised music in advertising we’ve picked some feel good campaigns and music from the likes of Android, M&Ms, Converse and Dogs Trust.