Member Spotlight: Matt Beilis

In this edition of our Member Spotlight we celebrate Matt Beilis, whose song “Walk Like Giants” is featured on the latest VW Teramont commercial. Matt told us all about the song and the inspiration behind it. He also shared with us a bit about himself and his trajectory as a musician.

“‘Walk Like Giants” is a track off my Epic Music for Epic Moments EP with my friend and co-writer, John Sepetys,” Matt reveals. ‘When approaching the project, we both wanted to write music that was rooted in optimism. There’s so much darkness and negativity filling the news wires. Yet, the reality is, there are still lots of good people and good hearts in this world.’ 

‘We wanted to celebrate the dreamers and the daredevils. Take a stand in the name of faith, hope and dreams.’ he adds. 

You can catch Matt’s tracks on the VW’s campaign here:

New York City based Matt Beilis grew up a classical piano prodigy – but making music for a living was always something that seemed like a pipe dream. That was until he started singing and posting cover videos on Youtube. 

It wasn’t long before Matt’s unique voice led to shout-outs and shares by stars like Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande and Ashton Kutcher. 

Matt quickly grew into an internationally touring act with college tours, and support slots for multi-platinum acts around the world like Secondhand Serenade, Smokey Robinson and Jay Leno.

 Along with touring as an artist, Matt’s chops as a producer have landed his original music in commercials by name brands like: Disney, Mastercard, LinkedIn, Reebok, Taco Bell, ESPN, Volkswagen, Honda, Jeep, FX and now VW.

You can check out more of Matt’s music here.

And you can follow Matt on all of his social media bellow:

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