STAFF PICKS: Soundtrack to working

Working in the music industry means that we’re constantly listening to great new talent – but even we have our favourites to be productive to.

Here are some of this weeks staff picks on what we like to get-in-the-zone to. We’re definitely starting to miss the sideways glances we share in the office when we all know we’ve heard a track too many times to be convinced of that “no-repeat guarantee”. However, concentrating to our own music is proving to be an unexpected piece of work-from-home variety we’re grateful for.

So if you’re stuck for something to try, you can fertilize your work ethic with some of Kate’s great plant-happy beats (or should it be beets?), and if you thought that was a bad joke, Jade’s favourite Pure Comedy, by Father John Misty, is thick with emotions that won’t get you giggling either, but will get you brimming with hope.

All in all, an eclectic mix from our currently nomadic Tracks & Fields home to yours.

P.S If you’re wondering who we all are and what we do, check us out here.


The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles

“When the deadline is three hours away and I still have a few pages to write, my weapon of choice is classical music – it keeps me focused and helps me think. However, to get into the mode of getting things done, I often listen to a different kind of classics – “Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots Pt.1” by The Flaming Lips. Everyone hears something uniquely personal in this song, and for me, it has always been a calming call for action.”


Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

“I have attention deficit and can‘t really listen to background songs while I‘m working because I have to be fully concentrated. But I have been listening to a lot of Father John Misty ‘s Pure Comedy again [..]. It‘s sad, but it’s a splendid album and it gives me hope too.”


Braxton Cook – No Doubt

“Braxton Cook’s album “No Doubt” helps me get in the zone. BPM – dreamy, Instrumentation – gorgeous, his future prospect for success – inevitable!”


Catching Flies – Satisfied

“I’ve been a fan of Catching Flies for a while. Electronic music can leave me cold but his music has a real soul to it and ‘Satisfied’ in particular is great for locking in and feeling productive.”


Thomas Newman – American Beauty Soundtrack

“I started studying to Thomas Newman’s soundtrack for American Beauty during my final high school exams. I love listening to the syncopated beats that mimic my bubbling thoughts, and in the case of difficult tasks, the space before which, I hope, my whirling brain comes up with a solution. Simple and with no lyrics, the distractions are also minimal.”


Mort Garson – Plantasia

“Helping me focus and helping my plants grow. “Plantasia” is the perfect soundtrack for home-office and staying connected/mindful.”

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