Remarkable Women: Selena Quintanilla

If you have a Netflix subscription you may have caught the biographical series of Selena Quintanilla. If you are unfamiliar with the boy in apartment 512, you may have not been inclined to see the series. No worries, here you can have a crash course on Selena, and develop a forbidden love for her. 

The Queen of Tejano Music Selena Quintanilla has one of the most remarkable careers, legacies and death stories in modern music history. The Texas-born singer-songwriter is one of the most celebrated Mexican-American figures not only in music, but in business, modelling and fashion.

She was the youngest child of the Quintanilla family. She made her debut in music in the 80s as the leader of the band Selena y Los Dinos. However, Selena was often denied venues and heavily criticized for trying to venture in a male dominated genre such as tejano. But as a proof that perseverance is the key to success, Selene broke into the scene and dominated it.

The Mexican-American singer, spokesperson, businesswoman, model, actress and fashion designer went on to have a very successful career. The “Tejano Madonna” was signed by EMI music in 1989, was #1 on the US BillBoard for Regional Mexican Albums for 8 consecutive months, had her own fashion line, recorded 12 studio albums, appeared in 2 movies, and has a day. Yes, a day. Every April 16th is Selena Day in Texas. 

Sadly, Selena was fatally shot by her former manager and president of her fanclub. Selena was 23 years old. The news was a tragedy for the music community, and the case prompted the production of 8 true crime documentaries.

We prefer to celebrate her for the extraordinary life that she led, and what she represents for the latino community in the United States. You can find some of her greatest hits. Note her amazing stage presence and FLAWLESS outfits. 

Warning: You WILL feel like dancing

I mean look at this absolute ICON:

If you want to know more about Selena Quintanilla and her life you can catch the Netflix-produced. Season 2 is out now. Furthermore you can watch the 1997 biographical movie starring J.Lo- or you can watch the many many other documentaries and YouTube videos done about her life.

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