STAFF PICKS: Favourite stress busters

We are back at the office! We are so excited to be able to see each other, and to be able to have most of our team under the same roof. After a long year and a half of being spread across the world; having temporary offices in China, Russia, Germany, Mexico, and Japan- we are back to two offices. Shoutout to our Japan team!

Now, although we are sure that everyone is very excited to go back to the office, we know that there are some inevitable sources of stress. So, to get ahead in the game, we have prepared our favourite stress busters to help you out.

Made with love with our finally sedentary family to yours.

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“My stress buster is Physical by Dua Lipa. It’s 3 minutes and 13 seconds of intense pop energy and it’s impossible not to move whilst it’s playing. Nothing quite like leaping about and shouting “LET’S GET PHYSICAL” to relieve some stress, plus the “workout” version of the music video is pure camp perfection.”


“My “Favorite Stress Buster” song is probably “Everybody Loves the Sunshine”  by Roy Ayers. The song calms me down and can somehow slow down time. While I listen to the song I always imagine driving a nice convertible through LA. I can forget about everything listening to this song. It’s a song I recommend everyone who is sitting in the sun.”


“This song is originally called “Walkin” with Japanese rap by a Japanese rapper Tsubaki. This track is by Sweet William who is a Japanese producer known to be good at lofi-hiphop. Tsubaki sings about his terrible life but I rather like this instrumental version as this is so beautiful opposite to Tsubaki’s lyrics. This song always eases my mind when I am messed up.”


“My favourite stress buster is probably anything by Snarky Puppy, but particularly THAT track with Lala Hathaway. The music is sublime, the vocals are something from a different planet, but my favourite thing are the dynamism and sheer fun everyone during that session is having. It puts me in such a good moods and draws me in to the point like I feel like I am in that studio with them. 12/10 feels.”

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