STAFF PICKS: Favourite ‘unknown’ artist

This past year was rough huh. Full of unknowns; uncertainty. Now we hear “unknown” we get nervous instead of excited. So, here at Tracks & Fields we want to celebrate the unkown. The unkown that is synonimous adventure and discovery. And to do that, we want to share with you our favorite ‘unknown’ artists.

So, seat back, get your speakers ready and enjoy our Staff Picks for our favorite ‘unknown’ artists. And be sure that you are about to embark on a musical adventure, where we go from Marc’s fave electronic beats to Jerry’s smooth and exciting jazzy vibes.


‘One of my favourite artists at the moment is CMAT. She’s an Irish alt/pop/country artist and frankly I’m obsessed. Every song she brings out is a top tier bop and her whole aesthetic is really fun and well considered, not to mention her incisive, witty lyrics (who else would even think of writing a song about crying in a KFC). I’m a full blown stan at this point and even though we’re not even halfway through the year yet, I think her replying to me on Twitter might be the peak’


‘I found Fish in Oil during my internship in Belgrade, and I was lucky enough to see them three times in small local venues. Their music is mysterious, mix, artistic, and just so beautiful.’


‘It’s Fred Again... for me. He’s upcoming but not new. But with his songs “Kyle (I found you)” and especially “Marea (We’ve lost dancing)” he hits the nerves of what we are all missing.’


LAUSSE THE CAT is my favorite unknown artist. I like his music because it’s chill British lofi Hip-hop and he samples a lot of great songs. Love to listen to him on weekends when I’m at home relaxing.’


Sinego is an amazing blend between house and boleros. It’s catchy, it’s fresh, but most importantly it makes me feel like I am dancing margarita in hand at a remote beach somewhere. Definitely the soundtrack of my summer this year.’


‘Great instrumentalization, dynamism and VOCALS are the elements that made me love The Reign of Kindo.’

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