Member Spotlight: Sam Smyers

Sam Smyers

On this Member Spotlight issue, we would like to shine a light on Sam Smyers. You might recognise Sam’s track “Summer Nights” from our recent work with Dettol Poland. Sam told us all about the inspiration for his song, and provided an insight into his route to becoming the musician and producer he is today.

‘”Summer Nights” was the first song I wrote when I moved to Los Angeles. I was reminiscing about living in a small suburban town outside of Dallas, Texas while in highschool.’ 

‘Everything closes early, and there’s not much to do in the suburbs as a teenager. So during the summer when school is out you just wander around during the nights with your friends living in this state of limbo.’

You can check out Dettol’s campaign featuring Sam’s driving piano and soothing vocals here:

Sam Smyers was always drawn to music but didn’t pursue it properly until he moved to Los Angeles.

‘Before I released music as an independent artist, I was a real estate agent in Austin, Texas. I had always dreamed of following my passion for music, but I had no idea how to get started’ he reminisced. ‘I eventually moved to Los Angeles, CA to play guitar for a pop artist. I wanted to release my own songs instead of working for another artist. I feared releasing my own music because I never thought my songs sounded good enough. Eventually I made that leap!’.

Not long after, he released songs that have amassed millions of streams worldwide, been featured on official Spotify playlists, and have been licensed to companies such as Netflix, Samsung, GoPro, and now Dettol.

Now, Sam dedicates his time not only to writing and producing his own songs, but teaching other people to do so on his Modern Mix Academy. He created the online music mixing course for beginners and advanced mix engineers, so he can use his skills and experience to give something back to the world. ‘My goal is to create more and more successful mix engineers and artists’ Sam concludes.

You can check out all of Sam’s Music below:

You can follow Sam’s socials here:


And if you want to know more about the Modern Mixing Academy you can learn more about it here.

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