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Tagged: coca cola

Ad digger 22 7 2016

Ad Digger – 22.7.2016

  In this week’s pick of the best synchronized music in advertising, music plays a powerful role in diversity for YouTube, it makes dreams come true for Heathrow Airport and it brings home the...

Ad Digger – 24.6.2016

  This week’s pick of the best music in advertising is bursting with great synch licensed tracks in new adverts from Gatorade, Coca-Cola and Smart Energy.  

Ad Digger 22 1 2016

Ad Digger – 22.1.16

  This week saw originally composed advert music popping up everywhere. Everyone in Adland was discussing the merits of the brand new global Coca-Cola campaign, which sees Coca-Cola bring together all of Coke’s varying...

Ad Digger – 14.3.2015

  From old ladies with edge to tough teens with a soft side, looks can be deceiving in this week’s round-up of fine ad sync.

Ad Digger – 7.11.2014

  And so the season begins. This week has seen an outright flood of Christmas spots twinkle on to the airwaves, and despite our best intentions this week’s roundup of choice synch reflects that...

T&F Ad Digger, 4.7.2014

  With slightly downcast American patriotism on the menu over the pond and plenty of weekend World Cup tension a-brewing in Europe, this week’s best use of ad music came also from unexpected quarters...