Coca-Cola’s toe-tapping timewarp

coca cola
Coca-Cola came over all nostalgic in the latest shoulder-bopping spot for their full range, continuing new catchphrase “Choose happiness”.
From the full-bodied original to stevia-sweetened newbie Coca-Cola Life, via 80s and 00s kids Diet Coke and Coke Zero, the zany, zine-y ad powers through a host of clips and references to Coca-Cola history – see what classic spots you recognize among those gleaming glass curves.
The synthy, new wave-flavoured indie rock of UK three-piece We Have Band’s ‘Honey Trap’, sweetened with 8-bit electronica, lent an addictive 80s vibe. We negotiated the song’s usage, ensuring that the effervescent track could lead the way with bubbling verve.

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