T&F Ad Digger, 4.7.2014

apple parenthood
With slightly downcast American patriotism on the menu over the pond and plenty of weekend World Cup tension a-brewing in Europe, this week’s best use of ad music came also from unexpected quarters – the rooftops, as well as the happy families underneath them.

Apple – Parenthood
Apple continue their part-of-your-life charm offensive this week, hopping on the recent wave of well-soundtracked appreciation for long-suffering parents: this time the ubiquitous smartphone crops up as mommy (and daddy’s) little helper in all manner of parental situations, some more fraught than others. The contrast of serene lyrics with the screaming chaos surrounding stressed parents does a decent job of conveying that maybe the process of recalibrating exactly what a “life of dreams” really means to you isn’t so bad after all.


Variations on the theme have popped up from Citroen (Silver Lion-winning Daddy, utilising an elegant yet wry classical selection), to Coca Cola (which somehow manages to embrace the hysterical, self-sacrificial edge of parenthood in a genuine warmth, made all the fuzzier by the Bee Gees), and the amusing escalation of Cablevision‘s spot. It’s a perennial, but always worth doing well.

Song: Life of Dreams

Artist: Julie Doiron

Lexus – Amazing in Motion – Strobe

The latest in Lexus’ intriguing and lauded series sees an LED marvel take apparent stop-motion flight over the rooftops of Kuala Lumpur to the sweet, wistful and appropriately retro-futuristic strains of Computer Magic’s Running. A little off-kilter, balancing a tactile warmth and a remote technological edge – the two glide in extraterrestrial harmony.

Song: Running

Artist: Computer Magic

Agency: CHI & Partners

Director: Adam Berg

Beats Electronics – The Game Before the Game – Allez les Bleus/An Eurer Seite

Beats are getting excellent milage out of their Jamie N Commons and X Ambassadors sync this week with a more local, non-partisan hype video for tonight’s France vs Germany clash – it might not give the track’s thumping swagger as much breathing space as the original, but it certainly is timely.

Song: Jungle

Artist: Jamie N Commons and X Ambassadors

Agency: The Mission

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