Ad Digger – 14.3.2015

moo bags
From old ladies with edge to tough teens with a soft side, looks can be deceiving in this week’s round-up of fine ad sync.
Also well worth a gander are some Kevin Bacon jokes, Cheetos’ cheekily pitched (and thoroughly unexpected) Easter treat and BBC Four’s brightly informative music history trailers.

Coca Cola – Vordelpaak
Sharp casting and sharper music use lets this short and sweet Dutch ad travel beautifully. As the tunes do almost all the talking, watch this teen morph from Trap-blasting tough, hoodie and all, into mum-placating smooth-“talker”, Chris de Burgh’s smooth schmaltz negating the need for a single word of dialogue (extremely neat lyric use too.)

Songs: I Be On That New Sh*t; Lady in Red
Artists: Kilomash; Chris de Burgh
Agency: We Are Pi
Production: HazazaH
Director: Billy Pols

Apple Watch – The Watch Reimagined
Whatever you might make of the watch itself, the campaign shows it off nicely, that familiar crisp showcase style adding a satisfying sense of heft to a comparatively small piece of tech. The gleam is further burnished by the brisk and glittering beat of Holy Child’s ‘Running Behind’ (a situation said watch will hopefully serve to prevent.)

Song: Running Behind
Artist: Holy Child
Agency: TBWA/Media Arts Lab

MOO – The Skin Deceives
Bacon and Try/Apt continue their knack for kooky and intriguing darkness in this unsettling spot for (of all things) handbags, in which a troupe of older ladies demonstrate that character is more than skin-deep. Gry and Francis Harris’ muffled, more electro-heavy remix of Danish rockers Reptile Youth adds both slinky strut and a touch of elegant menace.

Song: Be My Yoko Ono (Francis Harris and Gry Remix)
Artist: Reptile Youth
Agency: Try/Apt
Production: Bacon
Director: Marie Kristiansen

McLaren – The McLaren 675LT
Rather than trot out stats and specs, McLaren take the oblique and emotive route with their debut for the 675LT – and damned if it doesn’t pay off. Eschewing rock, electronica or even classical for the piano-led, almost singer-songwriter-styled sweep of Cat’s Eyes singer Rachel Zeffira might seem offbeat, but as the poignant vocals mesh gorgeously with the lush slo-mo and the building horns adorn that ferocious engine rev, it all falls into quite gorgeous (and refreshing) place.

Song: The Deserters
Artist: Rachel Zeffira
Agency: VCCP
Production: HSI
Director: Rob Chiu

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