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latest ad of Uniqlo with music from Tracks & Fields thumbnail

UNIQLO proves to be a lifelong companion

UNIQLO just proved once again that their clothes are the perfect solution when it comes to having a beautiful and long-lasting relationship. UNIQLO is an international brand which provides high quality, fashionable clothes for...

New Mini Camden ad with music from Tracks & Fields thumbnail

‘Follow your beat’ with the new MINI ad

MINI is back at it with a new, fresh ad called “Follow your beat” for their special Camden edition. The car company was inspired by the birthplace of legends and this romantic area’s historical...

Raiffeisenbank latest campaign with music from Tracks & Fields thumbnail

‘Of course’ you can do it with Raiffeisen

Raiffeisenbank launches their latest campaign, focusing on how a bank can make your life easier. ‘Samozřejmě’ (Czech for ‘Of course’) is their tagline, and the answer to any questions the protagonists might have. Their...