Albert ČR and The Cranberries Bring the Joy of Food over Christmas


When it comes to Christmas, usually the first thing that comes to mind is food. Lots and lots of it. Sitting around the dinner table, sharing large plates and engaging in general merriment is a crucial part of the Christmas experience; something that supermarket chain Albert Česká republika excellently communicates with their new, vibrant and warm spot. 

Albert ČR is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the Czech Republic, growing from humble beginnings in 1991 to owning around 335 supermarkets across the country today. And in difficult times, they are one of the most philanthropic companies in the country, pledging six million portions to people in need. 

For their latest 44-second spot, entitled “May the joy of food reign over Christmas,” Albert ČR worked with agency VCCP and production company Bistro Films to create a fable-like tale about the power of uniting people around heaps of Christmas food. Filmed on location in Ploskovice Castle in the foothills of the Bohemian Central Mountains by seasoned director Robert Hloz, it imagines food fit for royalty, featuring gingerbread houses, bread rolls and fruit platters, showing how children can embellish Christmas shopping with a fanciful and fantastical touch.  

To add an extra sauce to this Christmas feast, we simply had to use “Dreams,” the 1992 debut single from the famous Irish rock band The Cranberries, an enduring track about falling in love for the first time. We commissioned an exclusive re-work of this track with a choir, translating this feeling to a child enjoying the joys of Christmas food. 

The promotion runs from the beginning of this month to the end of December and will be on TV, online, print and radio across the Czech Republic. Please feel free to check out the advertisement below! 

Brand: Albert ČR | Agency: VCCP | Director: Robert Hloz | Production Company: Bistro Films

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