Discover your Happy with Škoda


In life, it’s important to find your own sense of happiness and community. With a great automobile, you can certainly discover your people and build lasting memories. In a new spot, Škoda Deutschland implore you to “entdecke dein happy” (discover your happy) with a new upbeat and positive spot. 

Škoda, formed in The Czech Republic, is one of the biggest, well-known and oldest car brands in the world. Founded in 1859, they started by manufacturing bicycles and motorbikes before eventually manufacturing automobiles in 1905. State owned from 1948, it was privatised in 1991, becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group in 2000. Now Škoda is available in over 100 countries, with an operating profit of 1.6 billion euros and the second-highest profit margin of all Volkswagen Brands after Porsche. Škoda Auto Deutschland is their German subsidiary, with around 5.4% of the total market share across the country. 

In their latest advert, handled by Thjnk Agency, and targeted towards a younger market, Škoda Deutschland use a bright colour palette, balloon, playball imagery and plenty of smiley faces to promote their Škoda Drive Sondermodelle (special model), showing how owning the right car can help you find your own inner sense of happiness.  

In order to help create this happy feeling, we were heavily involved in the music supervision and licensing of the track “Gold” by German singer Loi. This was her breakthrough single, reaching number 35 and number 33 in the German and Austrian charts respectively. She also connects deeply with the Generation Z markets, with half a million TikTok followers and over 5.4 million likes, perfect for the target audience of the Škoda Special Drive models. To see how this song elevates the themes of Škoda Deutschland’s latest 25-second spot,  please feel free to check the full advert out below. 

Brand: Škoda Auto Deutschland | Music Supervision and Licensing: Tracks and Fields | Agency: Thjnk 

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