Aldi Süd Celebrates the Fest after the Fest


Christmas may be the highlight of the year-end holiday period, but it’s certainly not the end of the festivities. And for the likes of Santa Claus himself, working himself flat-out during the Christmas break, the days after Christmas are finally time for him to kick back, relax and have some fun with his various elven friends. 

In the latest boundary-breaking spot from Aldi Süd, running until the end of the year, the retailer riffs on the Billy Bob Thornton-starring Bad Santa with a deeply humorous look at Santa letting off some steam after the holidays are finally over. It follows the supermarket giant’s domination in making great Christmas content the entire year round, especially when thinking about that crucial, undefined, confusing time between Christmas and New Year. With references to Home Alone, Risky Business and a whole other assortment of classic films, “The Fest After the Fest” — handled by Antoni 99, produced by Anorak Film Berlin and directed by Terence Neale — is Aldi Süd at their most playful and creative. As a result, it’s already achieved #1 in all rankings worldwide for the best Christmas after-party commercial!

For a perfect accompaniment to Santa’s merriment and overall post-xmas silliness, we helped to secure the licensing for The Pointer Sisters’ 1983  classic “Jump (For My Love)” — which you might also recognise from the Hugh Grant-as-Prime-Minister dancing sequences from the British festive film Love Actually. Its upbeat feel, groovy electronic beats and iconic chorus make it suitable for this party advert extending the party far beyond Christmas and into the New Year. Please feel free to check out the two-minute spot below, playing both online on television until the 31st of December, below. 

Agency: Antoni 99 | Production Company: Anorak Film Berlin | Director: Terence Neale | Music Research and Licensing: Tracks and Fields


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