We Belong Together with Billa Premium

Prosciutto from Parma. Old Jersey Gouda. Macaroons with almond meringue. This is just a small selection of the type of products you can expect from Billa Premium, the high-end range from the popular supermarket chain. For their latest advertisement, released for the Czech market, this sumptuous collection — including meat and seafood, sausages and delicacies, and durable products — is displayed with loving care, clearly outlining the benefits of using their products, either as a treat or for a special occasion. 

Billa is an Austrian supermarket chain that operates across various locations in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, including Austria (1,102 stores, making them the second most-popular store in the country after Spar), Czech Republic (236 stores), Bulgaria (149 stores), Bulgaria (149 stores) and Slovakia (145 stores). Formed in 1953 by Karl Wlaschek, its a portmanteau of the phrase Billiger Laden, meaning “cheaper shop” in German. They were acquired by the REWE group in 1996. But, as this advert shows, they don’t just offer discounted goods, with a high-range selection for more discerning customers. 

In this latest spot, produced by the Prague-based film company Boogie Films, they needed the right music to get the point across in a short matter of time. Thankfully, Tracks & Fields was heavily involved with the music supervision and licensing for this project, picking Richie Valens’ popular track “We Belong Together.” 

Originally recorded in 1958 by Robert & Johnny, Ritchie Valens’ 1959 cover is one of the most popular, featuring in the 1987 film about his life, La Bamba. The song has also been featured in the 1983 John Carpenter Christine, the 1997 film Selena and this year’s series finale of Riverdale. With its classic slow-dance feel, falsetto vocals and feel-good chord progression, it felt like the natural pick for Billa’s new Czech Republic campaign. 

Please feel free to check out the 20-second spot below.

Production Company: Boogie FilmsMusic Supervision and LIcensing: Tracks & Fields

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