Follow Your Electric Heart with the New Huawei S7 Electric Sedan


When you think of Huawei, the Chinese multinational giant, the first product that probably comes to mind is smartphones and other electronic devices. What you might not know is that they also produce their own high-end electric vehicles. 

In their latest spot, “Electric Heart,” produced by Beijing Midasfilms Cultural Communication Co., Ltd and directed by Wei Ning — filled with wide panoramas, high-definition weather and impact shots, drone footage and compelling cuts — the full potential of their new vehicle is displayed. Preorders in China for their new Luxeed S7 — their answer to Elon Musk’s Tesla — is a sleek, beautiful vehicle, with a quick charging 800-volt capacity, able to yield a driving range of 400 kilometres in just 15 minutes.  

Huawei is one of the most recognisable brands in the world, known primarily for its cutting-edge smartphones and consumer electronics. Founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, they operate in over 170 countries across the world, building telecommunication networks and creating devices for the consumer market. They are both the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer and the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, making them a dominant player in China and beyond. Their latest advert, aimed at the women’s market, showcases their freedom and creativity in commissioning an advert to promote their new luxury vehicle, currently available in China for the equivalent of $35,400. 

To help create an epic feel laced with mystery and possibility, Tracks and Fields helped to commission a sultry, and original composition, mixing atmospheric synths, rising string arpeggios and an emotional chord progression; perfect for complementing the potentially revolutionary potential of this product. You can check out the advert and listen to the exclusive composition below. 

Brand: Huawei Device Co.Ltd | Production Company: Beijing Midasfilms Cultural Communication Co., Ltd | Director: Wei Ning | Music Research and Licensing: Tracks and Fields

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