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Our 6 Favourite Christmas Advertising Modern Classics

Our 6 Favourite Christmas Advertising Modern Classics

We all know about the much anticipated John Lewis adverts that arrive at the end of November every year, but what about the other modern classics of Christmas advertising? Here are some of our...

Audi call for “a little less conversation, a little more action”

Tracks & Fields produced and licensed a cover of the Elvis classic ‘A Little Less Conversation’, enlisting the help of NEBBRA and The Great Escape who gave it a distinct contemporary twist. The idea of futureproofing a classic is integral to the spot and NEBBRA’s version feels like a call to arms, a demand for action.

Remarkable trend: ASMR

If you’ve spent some time on YouTube, chances are that you have stumbled across some videos of people whispering or making ‘oddly satisfying’ sounds and/or visuals, commonly referred to as ASMR.

30 (music) years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

November 9th 1989 was a pivotal moment in German history. As the Berlin Wall fell, the ideological and physical barrier dividing East and West Germany ceased to exist. This historic moment permitted freedom of...

Artist Spotlight: ESG

ESG (Emerald Sapphire Gold) are a band that defy definition. Drawing influences from the latin rhythms that surrounded them growing up in the South Bronx and the likes of James Brown, the group played...