Different and Good Storage With IKEA Japan

IKEA Japan

Clutter might be a natural part of life, especially when you have small children around the flat or the house, but with the right units, that clutter can be quickly and easily organised into tidy and neat spaces. In a new short and sweet 15-second spot, entitled “Different and Good Storage,” IKEA Japan shows off their new and impressive storage units, suitable for the entire family, no matter how much mess the kids (or the adults) in the family might make around the home. 

IKEA, the Swedish pioneer of ready-to-assemble furniture and stores which feel like destinations in their own right, is one of the biggest multinational companies in the world, selling over 12,000 different products across 422 stores. They are well-known for their smart designs, use-of-wood products and reasonable prices, as customers must painstakingly (and often painfully) create most products at home. 

They initially opened in the Japanese market in 1974 in the company’s first venture outside of Europe, before withdrawing due to poor performance in 1986; yet 20 years later in 2006, they returned. Adapting more closely towards Japanese tastes and displaying the typical Japanese city apartment in their stores, even starting their own apparel line, they quickly rose to be one of the most popular brands in the East Asian country. Now Japan is the 11th most popular market for IKEA, with 12 stores across the entire country.

For a fun and upbeat commercial, we helped to commission a bespoke composition that speaks to the tongue-in-cheek themes of IKEA Japan’s latest spot. An electronic rework of Leo Delibes’s “Pizzicato,” from Louis Mérante’s 1876 ballet Sylvia, it truly speaks to the playfulness of IKEA Japan’s vision and willingness to think outside the box when it comes to their musical signatures. Please feel free to check out the 15-second spot below. 

Brand: IKEA | Music Research and Licensing: Tracks and Fields

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