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The Glimmers 'U Rocked My World' Remix Contest sponsored by Applied Acoustics Systems

Price: - The winner will be considered for a RELEASE on a remix EP on the Gomma label. Scheduled late autumn/early winter.

- AND will receive a free 'Modelling Collection' bundle from Applied Acoustics (USD 499)

It's been a crazy decade for the Glimmers. It all started when they created Eskimo Recordings way back in 1999, a label that now hosts big shot names like Lindstrom & Prins Thomas and future disko kings Aeroplane. On that label the Glimmers released several projects and mix albums. The press loved everyone of them. 'Serie Noire : Dark Pop and New Beat' (2002) was probably the most innovative one they had done to date, and it gave The Glimmer Twins their well deserved breakthrough in the international DJ scene. Serie Noire ended up as number two in that years list of Best Compilations in Jockey Slutmagazine (RIP).

'Whomp That Sucker!'(2010) will be released in September and is pure dance floor madness. As the Glimmers describe it: "This time there are no musicians involved. Nothing is recorded live, all the music here is sampled, ripped, stolen and abused. No guest appearances, no pop or rock stars on vocals, no hypes. This time we only serve second hand disco id beats, analogue synths, bleeps, bass and FX and a few gimmicks here and there..."

The stems are up for "U Rocked My World", the opening track of the new album! If you impress the remix masters themselves your track could be in for a digital release on the Gomma label!

Contest Rules:

1. You can download the stems and remix using your own software. Don't forget you can form discussion groups with your fellow remixers to share inspiration, tech talk or anything else!

2. Publish your remix here. You must not publish/post your remix or the stems from this contest on any other site - you may only use Tracks&Fields widgets for this purpose. Any user found to be doing so will be disqualified from the contest.

3. Do not infringe anyone's copyright: only use your own or royalty free/creative commons licensed material! Gomma Records/The Glimmers remain the sole copyright owners of the song 'U Rocked My World' and all audio stems from this contest.

4. Gomma Records/The Glimmers will choose the best remix so the entrant with the most votes will not necessarily win this contest.

Happy Remixing!

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