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MUNK - 'Violent Love' Remix Contest sponsored by Applied Acoustics Systems

Price: - The winner will be considered for a RELEASE on a remix EP on Gomma Records (scheduled late autumn/early winter).

- AND will receive a free 'Modelling Collection' bundle from Applied Acoustics (USD 499)

MUNK is the project of MATHIAS MODICA. Besides djing around the world and producing music Mathias runs Germany's GOMMA LABEL with JONAS IMBERY aka TELONIUS.

Currently he is living between Marseille and Berlin - finishing to record his third album with guest vocalists from New Young Pony Club, Koko from Napoo and others (Release in February 2010).

LA MUSICA, the first new Munk single after more then two years was released in June 2010 and is becoming one of Gomma Records biggest hits.

Now maybe you have the chance of success via the Gomma Label! The stems for 'Violent Love' are available for download, so what are you waiting for!

Contest Rules:

1. You can download the stems and remix using your own software. Don't forget you can form discussion groups with your fellow remixers to share inspiration, tech talk or anything else!

2. Publish your remix here. You must not publish/post your remix or the stems from this contest on any other site - you may only use Tracks&Fields widgets for this purpose. Any user found to be doing so will be disqualified from the contest.

3. Do not infringe anyone's copyright: only use your own or royalty free/creative commons licensed material! Gomma Records/Munk remain the sole copyright owners of the song 'Violent Love' and all audio stems from this contest.

4. Gomma Records/Munk will choose the best remix so the entrant with the most votes will not necessarily win this contest.

Happy Remixing!

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07.11.2010 23:00:00 (11 years and 35 weeks ago)
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