Is it non-exclusive?

Yes, our service and almost all of our licensing projects are non–exclusive. The main exceptions are commissioned productions that pay a demo fee and are typically exclusive.

I have a label/ (co-)publisher/ license rep, can I still pitch my music?

Yes, we are a music supervision business so that works for us, provided you are all on the same page about the type of deals you want to enter and you make the introductions once a track is placed.

Can my songs be registered with a PRO?

Yes, and it is an extra income that will come your way. The only exception is Japanese TV commercials which typically don’t license registered songs.

Do you collect my publishing royalties from broadcast use?

We don’t automatically become your publisher, but we can help you to receive that extra income on an opt–in basis if we place one of your tracks.

Can I receive feedback for my submissions?

We are a small team busy looking after pitching your music to clients, so unfortunately we can’t give individual feedback. Once we start having more direct conversations with you when requesting quotes and clearances we can have more in depth discussions about potential opportunities for your music.