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Adfest 2018 Recap: Sights & Sounds

  With the excitement of Adfest in the rearview mirror for another year, we’ve gathered some of our sights and sounds from our time as the festival’s official music partner. Our Vinyl Island booth attracted...

Ad Digger 19 8 2016

Ad Digger – 19.8.2016

  This week’s pick of the best sync licensed music has original music from Chance the Rapper, quirky Italian pop, and the NFL singing Motley Crue.  

Ad Digger 29 7 2016

Ad Digger – 29.7.2016

  This week’s best synchronization in advertising sees an inspiring speech from Bobby Cannavale for Nike, and feel good music from Twitter and TAL.

Ad Digger 15 7 2016

Ad Digger – 15.7.2016

  This week’s pick of the best music in advertising is filled with powerful new adverts from the likes of Nike, BBC and some family humour from IKEA and Radox.  

Ad Digger 8 7 2016

Ad Digger – 8.7.2016

  This week’s pick of the best synch licensed music in advertising gets a hint of movie magic, with new animated film spots from Chipotle and GoPro, and some super-hero powers from Nike.

Ad Digger – 15.4.2016

  This week our pick of advertising’s best synchronised licensed music is packed with emotion, with inspiring adverts from Nike and Apple and a sensitive spot from Xbox.  

Brands that made bold choices in their music choice

Brands that Make Bold Choices with Their Music

  Music in adverts has the power to affect the audiences emotions and make an advert widely memorable. Choice of music also has the potential to mark a brand as bold. Through choosing a...