Adfest 2018 Recap: Sights & Sounds


With the excitement of Adfest in the rearview mirror for another year, we’ve gathered some of our sights and sounds from our time as the festival’s official music partner.

Our Vinyl Island booth attracted plenty of foot traffic, lots of record listening,  and a generous amount of charity donations (see above!), while our workshop brought great minds together in the name of strategy, and an unexpected award win took us completely by surprise.

Please feast your eyes and ears on some of our highlights from Adfest 2018 in Pattaya. We look forward to doing it all over again in 2019.



Our pop-up Vinyl Island record store was located in Adfest’s Production Hut, and proved to be an endless hive of activity for the duration of the festival.

To help stock our store, we were generously provided a selection of vinyl records from 20 of Berlin’s finest underground record labels, including: Boys Noize, Dystopian, Innervisions, Get Physical, Monkeytown, Stil Vor Talent and BPitch Control.

After arriving with multiple record flight cases (left) and creating our Vinyl Island retreat, we were really pleased that our fellow Adfest delegates – some vinyl enthusiasts, others unfamiliar with the format – wholeheartedly embraced our concept store. All records were ‘sold’ for the price of a small charitable donation to Save The Children Thailand, and included a limited custom Tracks & Fields tote bag.

We were happy to welcome visitors from more than a dozen countries to Vinyl Island – including Adfest founder and chairman Vinit Suraphongchai! (below)  – and to receive such fantastic feedback for the project across the whole week.

Whether we met you at Vinyl Island this year or not, we look forward to bringing more innovative, interactive projects to our peers and partners in future… and as promised we have compiled a complete VINYL ISLAND playlist for your listening pleasure, featuring one track from each of the records available in our pop-up shop!





Our well-attended workshop – How To Make Music Decisions For Advertising  – got underway with a deep dive analysis into one of our most decorated projects – the award-winning ‘Most Precious Gift‘ Christmas film for OTTO.

Starting off with the commissioning agency’s real life brief and film sketch animation, the workshop plotted through each action point of our campaign. We covered all aspects of interaction and exchange with the project’s creative director, the shortlisting and revision processes, how to go back to the drawing board, comparing known songs vs original vs cover versions, and strategic approaches for plan B (and plan C).

Discussions with workshop participants extended far beyond their final presentations, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share our expertise with these talented folks.



Our bespoke composition for the Adfest Awards trailer opened the evening festivities, but we were quickly caught by surprise when we saw our name on the stage again!

As the finalists for the Original Music Score category were announced our shock turned to joy that our Nike Presents: FORCE Move Yourself project had been shortlisted. We were then absolutely thrilled to receive the Bronze Award in this category, and for it be the only project from Japan to have won in this category.

All in all, it was another wonderful Adfest edition. We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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