Ad Digger – 19.8.2016

This week’s pick of the best sync licensed music has original music from Chance the Rapper, quirky Italian pop, and the NFL singing Motley Crue.

Nike – ‘Unlimited Together’

Nike’s new advert is a celebration of team-work featuring Chicago rapper, Chance the Rapper. For the spot, Chance the Rapper wrote a rap inspired by American liberty called ‘We The People’. The sync licensed music covers the theme of boldness, togetherness and everything that makes a team work well.

Artist: Chance the Rapper
Song: We The People
Agency: Hiro Murai

The Venetian – ‘Come As You Are’

The Italian themed Las Vegas based hotel, The Venetian, inspire individuality and creativity in their guests in this quirky spot. The advert sees a range of guests turn their hotel rooms into their life, from guests who love dogs to guests who love books. Fitted to the Italian hotel and the quirky theme is upbeat Italian sync licensed music by Mina Mazzini.

Artist: Mina Mazzini
Song: Tintarella di Luna
Agency: Zambezi

NFL – ‘Home Sweet Home’

NFL celebrate a season of football returning home with this feel-good advert. The advert sees stars of the NFL and presenters singing the sync licensed music ‘Home Sweet Home’ by the Motley Crue.

Artist: Motley Crue
Song: Home Sweet Home
Agency: Grey New York

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