Ad Digger – 8.7.2016

This week’s pick of the best synch licensed music in advertising gets a hint of movie magic, with new animated film spots from Chipotle and GoPro, and some super-hero powers from Nike.


Nike – ‘Can’t Turn It Off’


Professional skateboarder Stefan Janoski stars in this new Nike skateboarding advert with a cool 70s feel. The advert follows Janoski driving around town scoping potential skateboarding spots with the help of some super-human powers to move walls of buildings, rub away the rules and squash metal. Adding to the coolness of the advert is Kenny Rogers’ ‘Just Dropped In’.




Artist: Kenny Rogers

Song: Just Dropped In

Agency: Hoffman Bros



Chipotle – ‘A Love Story’


Chipotle’s latest animation follows in the line of those previous to it: telling the story of bad big business, mass-produced products and unnatural ingredients. This time two little kids fall in love, become rivals and big businesses, before falling out of the game and back into love. Similar to other Chipotle animated adverts, this ad uses a cover song as its synch license. The sweet song is a cover of the Backstreet Boys, sang by Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes and Jim James of My Morning Jacket.



Artist: Brittany Howard & Jim James

Song: I Want It That Way

Agency: CAA Marketing



GoPro – ‘The Secret Life of Pets’


GoPro team up with Illumination Entertainment in this new advert for the film ‘The Secret Life of Pets’. The film, which is set to come out this summer, follows the adventures of various household pets and the shenanigans they get into while their owners are away. This advert takes the secret life to the extreme – as GoPro captures all the moments of live sport action on humans – the animated pets share in the fun too. As the film is based in the city of New York, a synch license about cities is fitting.



Artist: Rich Aucoin

Song: City I love

Agency: Illumination Entertainment

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