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Coheed and Cambria 'World of Lines' Remix Contest

Price: Be considered for a digital release by Roadrunner Records and win a signed copy of Coheed and Cambrias LP, Year of the Black Rainbow!

Coheed and Cambria’s very existence has seemingly consisted of one struggle after another, the band and its music being defined by every obstacle it’s been forced to overcome in order to continue—let alone grow into the 21st century’s premiere progressive rock outfit and amass one of the most fiercely loyal followings in music.

From the band’s formation, an eventful process that took place over the course of several years leading up the 2002 debut album The Second Stage Turbine Blade and legal hassles that kept current drummer Chris Pennie from playing on Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World For Tomorrow, uncertainty has been the sole constant of the Coheed and Cambria trajectory. 

Ironically, the clouds seem to have parted for Year Of The Black Rainbow, the prequel and final installment of The Amory Wars, as Coheed and Cambria can finally feel a modicum of stability.

The making of Year Of The Black Rainbow presented new challenges. Stalled attempts to write in a typical guitar-based manner turned out to be a mixed blessing, as producers Atticus Ross (nine inch nails, Jane’s Addiction) and Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Tool) worked with Sanchez and the band on pursuing new approaches to writing and recording. “There was a moment where musically I felt like I’d hit a wall,” He remembers. “It was probably around the end of ...No World For Tomorrow. We had done that record. We had endured and moved forward... but there was a moment where I felt ‘Maybe I can just leave this concept open ended and not do the origin story, maybe it’s unnecessary.’ (Until) Meeting Atticus and Joe... That first (demo) session, it was just different... I realized there are other elements at play that I can utilize to make songwriting fun again.” With the new producers’ encouragement and guidance, Coheed and Cambria came at the Year Of The Black Rainbow material from a radically different angle, employing sequencers for the first time, expanding the band’s sonic horizons, and ultimately recapturing the spark that moved them forward with the record.

Can you bring something sonically different to 'World of Lines'? The stems are available for download, so get remixing!

Contest rules:

1. You can download stems and remix using your own software. And don't forget you can form discussion groups with your fellow remixers to share inspiration, tech talk or anything else!

2. Publish your remix here. You are not allowed to publish/post your remix or the stems from this contest on any other site - you may only use Tracks & Fields widgets for this purpose. Any user found to be doing so will be disqualified from this contest.

3. Do not infringe anyone's copyright: only use your own or royalty free/creative commons licensed material! Roadrunner Records remain the sole copyright owners of the song 'World Of Lines' and all audio stems from this contest.

4. Roadrunner and Coheed & Cambria will choose the best remix - the entrant with the most votes will not necessarily win this contest.
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