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Music selection can make or break a great film. Whenever you are unsure about the musical direction, or are looking for a professional counterpart to discuss and formulate a music briefing, our experts are here to help. Our long-standing expertise in numerous projects ensures that you will get the perfect song to meet your budget and time constraints.

Finding the perfect song is like finding a needle in a haystack. To be successful your search must be extensive and thorough.

Our vast network is the key to finding the music your project deserves. To enable global music discovery, we work with hundreds of independent companies, major publishers and labels, countless emerging artists and composers, as well as having a staff of brilliant in-house music supervisors.

Your briefing is the starting point. We know how hard it is to describe the perfect song before you actually hear it. We can adapt to that. Some clients come to us with a very specific briefing and reference songs, whilst others only give us a few details. We will help you to find the right musical direction for your project.

Having the most efficient process in the industry, we can complete a full search within a few days - or even in 24 hours, if needed. After you have picked your perfect song, we take care of everything else. We are 100% convinced that we will find the right song for you – You only pay us when you use a song from our search! Are you looking for music right now?

Just get in touch and let Tracks & Fields find the perfect track for you.

Song Clearance

Did you fall in love with a mood song and want to find out if you can use it? We have a direct line to all relevant publishers and labels and deal with them on a daily basis. We always know who to speak to and in what order.

Given our experience having cleared hundreds of songs, we research all associated rights holders instantly. Most of the time, we are able to give you a first ballpark within 24 hours. And our experience helps to judge if an offer is a fair deal and if all your intended uses are covered.

Artists have a clear idea which products match their image and which don’t - that’s why we all love them. We know how to present your project to the artist to get their approval or, at least, understand very early if your project doesn’t match their views.

Call us (+4930 – 61288240) or email us to find out if you can use your mood song!

Sometimes a song is beyond your budget or the artist is not available for a certain usage. And as we all know, sound-alikes don’t cure demo love. We are always able to search for valid alternatives from other artists that share the attributes that you love about your mood song.

Original Composition

An original composition gives you the flexibility to produce something that fits your specific needs.

Each project starts with a creative consultation. You might have a clear direction in mind or would like us to come up with the music direction for your film. Either way, we will put together musical moods to make sure that we are on the same page.

Then we select the most appropriate talent for your original compositions. They are proven specialists in their field and sound, and will go straight into demo production.

Once everyone is satisfied, we finalize the recording so that it is ready to broadcast in all film versions.

Our dedicated music research & production team, and our extensive pool of artists, composers and singers ensures that all deadlines are met. We deliver mood searches within 1-2 days and demo production within 2-5 days depending on the complexity. We work across many markets on every continent.

Feel free to get in touch for a quote and a reference reel!

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How It Works

1 Come on board

You will keep full control over your music, no pre-clearance, no exclusive commitment to us which could conflict with your existing agreements (for example, with a label). Within a few minutes you can upload your repertoire to our platform. When you have your music on Soundcloud you can easily import it to our platform with a few clicks. You can start pitching on Tracks & Fields instantly.

2 Be up to date on licensing opportunities

When clients need music, they mostly put a request on the platform. In addition, clients can also find your public tracks on Tracks & Fields and Soundcloud and can directly get in touch with you to give you a license offer. Whenever there is a new project, we will publish it on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr) and will also notify you via email. The project details tell you what the license deal is about. Terms are the same for everyone.

3 Submit your music

You decide if and which of your tracks you want to submit to a project. If your repertoire is already uploaded to your account you can directly submit it to opportunities. Or you upload a new song right away.

4 Get licensed

If a client wants to license a song of yours we take care of everything else. You’ll receive the remaining details on the project (e.g. the brand) and our simple license contract reflecting the terms and payout of the request. After signing you just invoice the license and receive the license fee from us. Done and ready for the next project!

Your Music Licensing Network

Our clients love music. And they are constantly using songs or custom compositions for their audio-visual projects. Sometimes they need a famous artist, sometimes they are looking for an unsigned band and often something in between. Sometimes music plays a big role, sometimes it is used as background or ambience that is added in the very last minute.

The challenge each client has is that there are literally thousands of potential music partners out there, each of them highly specialized. As music usage varies from project to project, he simply hasn’t enough resources to work with all of them to cover his diverse needs. Tracks & Fields is your music licensing network and their one-stop partner for all kinds of music searches for the moving image.

We open the world of licensing projects to every professional musician, label or publisher – no matter if it is an unknown talent or a popular artist. In a way as easy as possible.

We believe that it shall be up to every artist to decide whether to embrace certain licensing opportunities or to pass them. That’s why we are a platform for music pitches – and not a library with pre-cleared music.

Terms and payout of the projects are set in advance and published to our artist network – everyone gets the same deal in the same project.

With a small team here in Berlin, Germany, we built a global network to connect artists with licensing opportunities around the globe. A place where real requests meet real artists.

We invite you to become part of the biggest creative music force in the world.

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