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Tagged: ads of the week

Ad Digger – 9.7.15

  The stars of this helping of sleek sync set their own pace, whether that’s supernaturally fast, a doomed and dogged shuffle or a slick and steady cruise. Meanwhile in the advertising world at...

Ad Digger – 12.4.2015

  Childish wonder, daring feats and mind-bending edits accompany this week’s serving of sleek ad sync.

Ad Digger – 6.4.15

  We hope you all had a top-notch Easter! Our Pascal offering is a clutch of tasty recent ad music from around the world, heavy on the 70s: both rabble-rousing punk rock and soothing...

Ad Digger – 14.3.2015

  From old ladies with edge to tough teens with a soft side, looks can be deceiving in this week’s round-up of fine ad sync.

Ad Digger – 7.3.15

  There’s a lingering cinematic spice in our favourite examples of advertising sync this week, and plenty of contrast – with the right music, ramshackle DIY ethos and indie montage can sit very snugly...

Ad Digger – 6.2.2015

  Stressed? Today’s dose of dandy ad sync ought to put a smile on your chops, with dreamy power-pop car chases, glam rock geezers and hard-rocking breakaway brides.

Ad Digger – 26.1.15

  Our round-up of solid recent advertising sync is properly joyful this week – whatever these characters do, from finger-painting to fitness quests, they do with serious zest and top tunes.

Ad Digger – 8.12.14

  The human face takes centre stage in this week’s best-synced ads, whether it’s dawning hope and inspiration coupled with a big Sixties chorus or face-pulling with a purpose set to stirring indie.

Ad Digger – 28.11.14

  Greetings one and all – we hope you had a great week, however full or devoid of gratitude it may have been. This week’s line-up of our favourite ad sync features crystalline electronica,...

Ad Digger – 24.11.14

  Our latest selection of tidy ad music is a mix of carefree and frantic, sweetly festive and distinctly nasty – sweet indie and 80s anthems both get a look in.