Directors Showcase Volume 3 Celebrated Musical Creativity and Film in Tokyo

Directors Showcase

On Friday, April 19th, Tracks & Fields laid host to Directors Showcase Vol.3, the third iteration of our series dedicated to domestic and international directors with a strong connection to music. We created this event as a means of creating a central hub in Japan dedicated to the insersection of film and music. 

The T&F Japan team, comprised of Music Producer & Associate Supervisor Ian Nagano and Music Producer & Supervisor Emika Kusunoki, interviewed a variety of directors about their work in a casual setting at Aoyama Haci, a three-storey venue in Shibuya, Tokyo. We took over all three floors, with music and drinks on the first and third floor and the interviews taking place on the second floor. 

Our special director guests included: Nao Watanabe from Glassloft, Connor Gilhooly from Mr+Positive, Shinichiro Kanagawa from WhiteCo and freelance film director Chris Rudz. 

For this year’s showcase, we had the general theme of ‘PEOPLE’, screening works that had a connection to this concept. Nao Watanabe showed two commercials and two music videos. Connor Gilhooly unveiled three of his commercial works. Shinichiro Kanagawa showcased three commercial works, a trailer of his short film Fuyuko’s summer and a cute new song written about children about dividing various things into two. Finally, Chris Rudz showed us two of his commercial works and a trailer from his debut coming-of-age feature film All the Songs We Never Sang. The event was well-attended by people from production companies, advertising agencies and creatives from the film world, making it a crucial hub for collaboration and innovative ideas. 

We thank them all for taking the time to come out, being so willing to show us what they are working on and to share their creative process. Take a look at the pictures from the Directors Showcase event below and stay tuned for updates on our next event. 

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