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GrandOptical wants to put your eye on what you don’t see

GrandOptical's newest ad focuses on a good vision during the dark season_thumbnail

Czech optician chain GrandOptical has released their newest commercial. The film is about putting focus on what you don’t see and how important good eyesight for driving really is to safety! It shows different protagonists with typo telling their stories- all of whom had something happen because they could not see clearly enough in one way or another.

Music is an essential part of advertising. It helps to create the right atmosphere and transfer specific emotions which can’t be expressed in words alone. The same applies here; “Looking for you” by Atom Spins, found and licensed by Tracks & Fields creates just such a mood with its lyrics that conveys what this film’s all about: GrandOptical looking out for You! They offer their vision test because seeing means anticipating events before they happen- something important at any time but especially now during dark season.

See the film here:

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