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Mobile Phone provider PLUS’s latest ad makes you wanna (flash) dance

TRacks & Fields Placement of Flashdance what a feeling for the new Plus ad thumbnail

Mobile phone provider PLUS just dropped their new advert that will make you smile.

The company that is the third largest mobile phone network operator in Poland provides a complete service to their customers with handset plans that include internet, music, television and telephony services.

The music used in the ad is already very popular, as it is the main theme of “Flashdance (What A Feeling)”, a successful motion picture from 1983 starring Jennifer Beals. PLUS used custom lyrics for their version of the track that cleverly tie into the three main components of PLUS’ service: ‘Internet’, ‘Telephony’ and ‘TV’.

The advertisement features two salesmen in a PLUS shop that show off their dance moves to the music, apparently never running out of battery. To be ready and charged anytime, PLUS offers to switch your discharged phone to a new one.

Check it out here:

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