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UNIQLO proves to be a lifelong companion

latest ad of Uniqlo with music from Tracks & Fields thumbnail

UNIQLO just proved once again that their clothes are the perfect solution when it comes to having a beautiful and long-lasting relationship.

UNIQLO is an international brand which provides high quality, fashionable clothes for all type of people, but what’s most important about them is that they are also known as a company who values their customers and music artists by licensing music from great artists worldwide.

The film depicts a heroine that is going through hard times. But she’s not alone, because besides her cat, she also has another lifelong companion: UNIQLO’s LifeWear. It’s final scene is her enjoying everyday’s beauty which doesn’t fade. Beautiful, every time, just as her pullover.

The song “clumsy love” is kind of a summary of the scenario shown and a great tune for this commercial, because it has a great pace and rhythm which goes well with UNIQLO’s clothes while also giving us an emotional feeling.

UNIQLO and music is a perfect match, both of them hardly ever go out of style.

Watch the ad here:

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