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Member Spotlight: Novo Amor

Novo Amor is the moniker of Welsh artist Ali Lacey, who alongside his Norwegian record label Brilliance Records is a Tracks & Fields member. Lacey who also moonlights as an experimental sound designer, started releasing music in 2012 and rose to our attention with the release of 2014’s Woodgate, NY. EP.

While his music has garnered comparisons to Bon Iver, it’s much more than that lazy label would suggest. His songs are sparse, making use of space on the recordings to great effect. This builds an authentic intimacy and a feel of fragility and introspection that often seems much more genuine than his contemporaries. It’s the background in sound design though that adds such an important point of difference to his obvious songwriting chops. As Lacey describes in this interview with the Line Of Best Fit, the inclusion of original and atypical sounds are crucial in adding both texture and a point of difference to his compositions.

We had the pleasure of licensing Novo Amor’s track ‘Weather’ for our recent project with Pearle Vision in the USA and their widely successful Ben’s Glasses campaign. The spot was nominated for a number of awards including New York Festivals and The Golden Award of Montreux.

Novo Amor will be releasing his new E.P Bathing Beach on May 26th and do a series of European dates in September including Lido, in Berlin on 20/09. Facebook have the details here.

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