Tracks & Fields’ work with Otto wins gold at The Golden Award of Montreux

It’s always rewarding to be involved in projects that are nominated for or win awards. These sorts of moments make you feel as if you have helped create something special, something more than the status quo. For us here at Tracks & Fields, never is it quite as rewarding as when a project is awarded best use of music and we’re able to see the direct influence we’ve had.

We’re proud to announce that at this year’s ‘Golden Awards’ in Montreux, our work with Otto and their ‘The Most Precious Gift’ campaign won the gold medal for best music in a spot. Furthermore, we were also among the only other two finalists in the music category with our work for Pearle Vision on their ‘Ben’s Glasses’ campaign. The Golden Award is the first International advertising competition in Europe for the year. The competition awards gold medals for creative excellence in all the major areas of advertising as well as the different subcategories within each medium.

As you may remember from our post back in December, ‘The Most Precious Gift’ was a heartfelt, short animated film that tied in with Otto’s christmas campaign. For the music we chose a rework of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Time After Time’. It was re-recorded as a stripped back, choral version with just choir, faint piano and minimal orchestration left to powerfully convey the sentiment of the song. Watch below to see the way in which the re-imagined version effortlessly combines with the animation to drive home a powerful message.

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