Volkswagen celebrates its ID series with electrifying winter sports action

New Volkswagen ad for ID model series with energetic music licensed by Tracks & Fields thumbnail

Tired of the rainy and grey season ? Well, look forward to wintertime ! Volkswagen likes to feed your anticipation with its new ad for their ID series fo electric cars.

Volkswagen announced its first ID model, the ID.3, back in 2019, marking their launch of an entire range of fully-electric models. By now the family grew by 3 more members (ID.4, ID.5, ID.6) with more to come.

The brand just released a new ad to celebrate this family. It shows some young people on mountain skiing or snowboarding while having a lot of fun. It captures the spirit of winter sports perfectly, even if we can’t tell whether they are coming down the Alps in Switzerland, Austria or France…

The Alps’ glory is all around and the scenery is very energetic, as well as the music we licensed for it.

Don’t believe it? Just watch !

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