Ad Digger – 1.4.2016

This week on our pick of advertising’s best synchronised music, we’ve got energetic spots from the likes of PayPal, the Surfrider Foundation, Spotify and Hindquarters.

PayPal – ‘There’s a New Money in Town’


PayPal takes on a superstar status in this bold advert featuring an equally powerful sync license. Aptly called ‘Confidence’, the sync license makes the advert stand out as fresh and exciting, different from the rest. Together with the use of bold text and the authoritative presence that the synchronised music brings, PayPal is the new boss in town.



Artist: Demi Lovato

Song: Confidence

Agency: In-house


Surfrider Foundation – ‘Holidays’


The Surfrider Foundation, an environmental organisation working to preserve and protect the world’s oceans, puts a stop to the frivolity of waste in this PSA advertising their cleaning days. The left behind beach rubbish enjoys the remaining holiday fun set to cheery synchronised music by The Beach Boys. As the music cuts out, so do the holidays end, as volunteers collect and clean up the waste.


Artist: The Beach Boys

Song: Surfin’ Safari

Agency: Y&R, Paris



Spotify – ‘Moving’

A couple soundtrack their move to Canada with a Flo Rida track on their playlist in this tongue-in-cheek advert from Spotify. The couple’s move, which takes place in November, references anxieties over the US election. With some voters on either side declaring they will be moving to Canada if the vote doesn’t go their way, Spotify has created a ‘Moving to Canada’ playlist that is available to anyone.



Artist: Flo Rida

Song: My House

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, New York


Hindquarters – ‘Shake Your Hindquarters’


In their first advert announcing the creation of their new website, dog accessories shop Hindquarters released this quirky advert featuring dancing dogs. The sync license, the dog related track ‘Walk the Dog’ from Basement Jaxx, adds to the humour, turning the doggy dancing into a fashionable rave.


Artist: Basement Jaxx

Song: Walk the Dog

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London

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