Get to Work on Time with the New Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat

The modern businessman and woman needs a functional yet enjoyable vehicle to get them to the right place on time. A car that can bring the entire team along while getting them in the mood to kill that presentation. In a new, inspirational and humorous 80-second spot by Volkswagen, a business team gets to that crucial meeting all in the new Passat. 

The Passat is one of the most popular iterations of the large four-door family car offered by the popular German manufacturer Volkswagen. The first generation of the Passat was launched in 1973, with the ninth iteration available as an Estate. It also boasts a variety of smart functions, such as wireless connection to devices, smart parking and even a massager function; ideal for business travel. 

It’s not just business travellers who can use the Passat; its wide body with plenty of storage space makes it an ideal car for families as well. And for those who are looking to save energy when travelling, the car also boasts a hybrid function with an electric range of up to 100 km/h. This all-new vehicle is likely to be released in February of this year. Equally impressive is the new touchscreen, which allows you to navigate, connect to streaming services and make calls all in the same convenient place. 

To create the appropriate mood for the spot, we helped to commission a fresh composition that captures the spirit of being on the road as well as the camaraderie that travelling in a beautiful car brings. With a marching drum beat, uplifting trumpets and an addictive chorus, we believe that it perfectly suits the upbeat message that Volkswagen wants to get across. Please feel free to check out the full advert below now! 

Agency: DDB Voltage | Production Company: Czar Film | Music Supervision and Licensing: Tracks & Fields

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