Come and Get Your Love With Allegro


“Come and Get Your Love” is easily 70s swamp rock band Redbone’s biggest hit, characterised by its novel use of electric sitar, nostalgic atmosphere and romantic lyrics. The first song on side two of their fifth album Wovoka, the original album version featured a long intro and a longer ending. For it’s radio release however, the song was significantly cut, starting with its iconic guitar riff.

It made history upon its January 1974 release, marking the first Billboard Top 5 hit by a Native American band. By the end of its run, it spent 18 weeks in the Top 40 and became the fourth-most popular song of the year, making it a quintessential mid-70s release. They wanted to follow the track up with the more overtly political “We Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee,” about the massacre of 200 Native Americans in South Dakota in 1890, but their label dissuaded against an American release and released the more upbeat “Wovoka” instead. Nonetheless, this far more stark follow-up ended up as a No.1 hit across Europe.

The song was even updated for the Eurodance era in 1995 when the German pop music project Real McCoy covered the song, replete with silky female vocals, house piano chords and even a Jamaica-style rap. This inferior version is surprisingly popular, even today, with over 5 million hits on YouTube.

We handled the licensing and re-recording for the Polish online e-retailer Allegro’s latest spot, entitled “When something starts, it’s Allegro,” handled by DDB Warszawa and produced by Moon Films. We believe that it perfectly suits the mood of the retailer’s tongue-in-cheek yet warm themes, reasserting them as one of the most beloved presences in Poland (currently ranking as the fifth most used website in the country, with 70 million items sold each and every month). Please feel free to check out the advert below.

Brand: Allegro | Agency: DDB Warszawa | Production Company: MOON Films | Music Research, Licensing & Re-Recording: Tracks & Fields

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