An original composition with ASMR & Concréte Musique for Mercedes AMG.

We are super excited to have taken part in the creation of an original composition crafted for the launching of the luxury brand new electric Mercedes AMG  EQE 53 4MATIC+. By BBDO, the spot was directed by 魏寧 (Wei Ning) and produced by 茂田MOD. The main concept was “Deep sensory stimulation with electrical instincts”, and we aimed to combine all the features of EQE 53 through the visual effects, opening up an immersive listening experience.

We came up with the direction of ASMR, electronic, Musique concrète, experimental. Even we have this direction for the production, we still bear in mind that we have to strike a good balance between trying out new stuffs and the commercial standard/client’s expectation.

The idea was challenging the usual parameters and not following a traditional musical form. Instead, created an experimental and exciting musical journey that vibrates with the visual content.

Enjoy the ride on this futuristic custom-made track! Using headphones is highly recommended!


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