‘Ronny & Klaid’ world premiere screening tonight at Filmfest Munich

The world premiere of new comedic crime caper, Ronny & Klaid, takes place tonight as part of the Filmfest München programme.

The film marks the directorial debut of Berlin-born actor and producer Erkan Acar, whose breakthrough came last year when he played the lead role in the independent film Schneeflöckchen. Now taking a role behind the camera, Acar’s direction of Arend Remmers‘ screenplay guides the colourful film through the ups and downs of the film’s titular lead characters, Ronny and Klaid.

They are two good-hearted scoundrels who run – or try to run – a 24-hour shop in the heart of Berlin. When one falls in love with the daughter of the local casino godfather, and the other loses a fortune to him, they concoct a plan to kidnap a millionaire to solve all of their problems. Of course, hilarity ensues!

Our work with this production consisted of placing three songs featured in the final cut soundtrack.

Watch trailer for Ronny & Klaid below!

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