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Music that is suitable for images and messages is not always original/bespoke music. Searching existing songs is also one way to find the perfect song.

Research on existing songs was utilised in the production of TV commercials commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Mainichi Newspaper.

The subject of this commercial was “Unheard Voices”

We needed a song with strong-willed female vocals, and hidden strength and positive elements. We worked with singer-songwriters, composers and labels mainly in Europe, to thoroughly research songs that fit the intent of the work.

And the selected song of this project was “Same Sickness” by Stephen Wolf.

Watch the Mainichi Newspaper 150th Anniversary commercial “Unheard Voices” here:


This project has two versions, both of which follow the subject of “Unheard Voices”. Adults and children with the same distress that the world cannot reach are reflected. The song “Same Sickness” was the perfect match for this project.

Listen here the full version of this song:

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