Be Wowed By the New Google Pixel Sponsorship of the Frauen-Bundesliga

Google Pixel

After a truly amazing World Cup this summer, women’s football is simply growing in popularity across the whole world. This brings a renewed and exciting focus towards leagues across Europe and the world. This comes with new idols, new fans and a different way of thinking about the sport. And for the Frauen-Bundeliga — the highest-ranking league in German women’s football — this comes with a new and exciting sponsor: Google Pixel. 

Formed in 1990 as two regional leagues, but competing Germany-wide since 1997, the Frauen-Bundesliga has grown more and more professional over the upcoming years. On an international level, it boasts the most Champions League wins, with a grand total of over nine titles across four clubs. While only 12 teams compete at the moment, this number is likely to grow, along with the stature of the league in the wider footballing sphere. 

To celebrate this bold collaboration and to look forward to a much stronger future for women’s football, in both Germany and across the wider world, Google Pixel has released an engaging 15-second spot highlighting both the heart-racing and heart-warming nature of the world’s most popular sport. Combining the classic Google branding with images of the league in action, it perfectly gets across why people simply love to watch football at its highest level. 

In order to get across the sense of excitement and freshness, we helped to license “Wow” by the up-and-coming Texas-based band Jane Leo. Mixing a hip drum track with 80s new wave style synths, its punky energy certainly captures the essence of this rule-breaking, game-changing, era-defining league. 

Intrigued? Feel free to check out the dynamic spot below! 

Brand: Google Pixel/Frauen-Bundesliga | Artist: Jane Leo | Agency: Anomaly Berlin

Music Supervision and Licensing: Tracks & Fields

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